Monday, October 27, 2014

Arizmenda - Stillbirth in the Temple of Venus

For those not familiar, Arizmenda belong to the infamouos black metal collective known as the Black Twilight Circle hailing from southern California. Being responsible for two of my favorite favorite black metal albums in recent years, this album came with high expectations and it had a lot to live up to. and it does not disappoint. Like previous work, this album is a harrowing listen and is intense from start to finish. There is no relief. Every second of this album is punishing. The guitar work is incredible and the guitar tone is mental. What Arizmenda can achieve with just a single note is amazing, bending the string and manipulating the note making it ring in your ears for days. The bass lines are pounding and nauseating. The riffs are chaotic and maddening, but at the same time catchy and groovy. It's psychedelic in the most fucked up and best way possible. The vocals, as expected, are demented and perverted and send chills down your spine. The music has so many layers and subtle nuances and it's apparent a lot of attention to detail went into it, I've listened to it probably 10 or more times since I've had it and still hear new things every time I listen to it. It's almost unbelievable this was all handled by one person. Every instrument is played masterfully with personality and originality. The music has so much emotion, feeling, and sincerity in it. You can tell the music is genuinely inspired. It reeks of insanity and perversion. You don't need to read the lyrics to find out what this music is about. The artwork and sound of the music alone says it all. You simply can't fake music like this. If you seek comfort in your music, look elsewhere. There is no salvation to be found in this music. It will only drag you down further. All in all, this album is a bent, fucked up, off kilter, sickening experience and Arizmenda puts bands like Portal and Deathspell Omega to absolute shame.

I'd recommend this album for anyone who is fan of Blut Aus Nord's more dissonant and experimental albums, Bethlehem, Deathspell Omega, Portal, or anyone who just likes good music in general. If you don't like this album, you obviously hate music and should kill yourself.

Released on cassette by Crepusculo Negro
Double LP soon to come (hopefully) on Androgony Whore

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